Spring Rolls @ Lazy Hummingbird March 24

We had sooo much fun last Saturday in the [flour children] cooking class! It was held at the Lazy Hummingbird in Ocean Beach- my favorite cafe ever. We made spring rolls- and the kids did all of the prep- they shredded carrots, sliced avocado and mango, and even made the sauces- both peanut coconut and ginger soy. Then, they loaded the rolls up with whatever they wanted. The ingredients were displayed so colorfully, the kids just had to put the entire rainbow in their roll… Now, that’s a way to make sure kids are eating their vegetables! I mean, even the kids that are supposedly “picky” were eating things like kale, soba noodles, and sprouts. I loved seeing all of their styles in “rolling”- and garnishing too. Some put the sauces inside, some dipped… Some liked to cut them, some not so much. All of the kids were proud to share their creation with anyone who was enjoying a cup of tea at the Lazy Hummingbird. I was all smiles.

Andrea from Upon a Treetop Photography was nice enough to photograph the whole class. Take a look! And come join us next time!

I can’t wait for the next class!

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