Pesto Pasta Salads@ Point Loma Library

“Are we going to make healthy things again this class?”

This was the first question I got at the last Flour Children class.

“Well, yes we are.” I replied. “However, healthy doesn’t mean it’s not going to taste good…”

The boy looked at me like I was crazy.

Why do we do this? Associate health with bad taste? In Flour Children classes we do indeed create healthy recipes. That does not mean that the food we make isn’t completely delicious. I like when the kids understand this by the end of the class. When they see that they spent an hour prepping vegetables and fruits and flavorful sauces, and then at the end the combine these “healthy” ingredients and enjoy their meal thoroughly, though completely unexpected. That makes me happy!

Here are some pictures from the last class we did at the Point Loma library. We made pesto pasta salads using whole wheat cous cous as a base. We made two different pestos: A classic basil pesto with pine nuts and then a parsley pesto with almonds. Both were enjoyed by Flour Children and their parents. Of course, we made sure to top the salads with a rainbow of fruits and vegetables. It was a healthy snack, sure. But was it delicious, too? Oh yes it was.

DSC_2311 DSC_2322 DSC_2321 DSC_2316


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