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Flour Children Birthday Parties

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If your child loves cooking, playing with food, decorating cakes, participating in contests, and trying new flavors… Then a Flour Children birthday party is the perfect birthday party option!

At our parties, like our classes, we allow your Flour Children freedom in the kitchen (while making sure they’re safe!) so that they can get into the food and enjoy their culinary art project. It’s more fun this way. Everything is made from scratch, even more so than you might imagine. The kids will learn about food and recipes form their roots, and we will encourage them to branch out, allowing their inner creative chef to shine!

How does it work? We make it easy! We come out to your home or choice location. We bring everything we’ll need. We set up, cook with the kids, enjoy the food we made, then clean up!

What do we create? That’s really up to you! When you schedule a party we will first make time to talk to you about the ideal party for your unique child. We create anything from spring rolls to granola parfaits to cupcakes to pizza. Or any combination thereof. We take requests and make suggestions, all to fit your Flour Child’s wants and needs.

Option 1: A 1-1.5 hour activity where your Flour Children will create a dessert or snack. This is much like our classes.

Option 2: A full cooking party with Flour Children, 2-2.5 hours. This includes a full meal and treat.

Details of YOUR Party: Please email and let us know the:

  • Name of the birthday girl or boy
  • Age of birthday girl or boy and age range of friends
  • Time and date of party
  • Location
  • Number of kids
  • Interest in Option 1 or Option 2
  • Recipe requests

We will do our best to satisfy your every request. We look forward to celebrating with you!

Please email Jamie at for more information, including pricing.


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